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Time For Busy Women: Get Back on Track
5th October 2019

This one day workshop is for YOU if...

  • your days are busy and demanding, leaving you constantly under pressure without time for the things that matter to YOU

  • you wish you could create more time for the relationships that matter

  • it looks like you're coping on the outside, but the stress and panic are sometimes overwhelming as you try to get everything done

  • you ignore your health and your emotional wellbeing in the hectic schedule that takes care of everyone else

You will:

  • learn how to slow down and get more done

  • prioritise the important rather than juggle the urgent

  • relax and focus in under five minutes, anytime, anywhere

  • find time for what matters to You, before it's too late

Time For Busy Women: Hope Inspires Action

Sat, 18 January 2020

Time For Busy Women: Slow Down and Get More Done
May 2020

Details to follow.