You are quite simply, worth your weight in gold! The work we have done together has transformed my life. Thank you so much.

R. L. Bray, Co. Wicklow

When I first attended Ashleigh, I was stressed, irritable and exhausted. I wanted more time and more energy.  I got both – but in ways I never thought possible.  I got what I really needed – time for a full life / health / values review and the clarity to make decisions that turned my life into one that worked for me. I feel so much better. My physical symptoms of fatigue and overwhelm have gone and I’m finally taking care of myself properly. If you are a tired, stressed, overworked woman; attend Ashleigh

M. M. Dublin

When I first decided to start one-to-one coaching with Ashleigh I was quite stressed and anxious about my life. As a single mother, I felt I was constantly juggling my career and home-life. I suffered major guilt and anxiety about not spending enough time with my child. Despite the fact that my son was very happy and well adjusted, I had major doubts about my parenting skills and seemed to have a constant knot in my stomach. I also found it difficult to make decisions and on reflection, I constantly undermined my abilities both as a mother and in my career. I had been through a number of unsuccessful relationships and had almost resigned myself to not meeting the right person.

Since I started to work with Ashleigh, the changes in my life, while subtle on the surface have been very profound personally. In our work together, Ashleigh helped me to change the way I think about my life. I have now developed skills and tools to deal with the every day struggles. I describe it as taking out my thoughts, often negative or confused, turning them around and putting them back in and viewing things in a much more positive, focused and confident fashion. I now find it hard to believe that I ever had guilt about my son. I realize now that it is possible to have a very successful career and still be an excellent mother. Through relaxation exercises, which I have found very easy and are now part of my life, I manage any stress in a totally different way. I am a much stronger person and am more confident about making decisions.

I am also in a wonderful relationship which started not long after I began the work with Ashleigh. I feel had it not been for the personal work I have been doing, I could have easily fallen into old relationship habits and damaged something that has turned out to be so wonderful. I am getting married next year.

E.W., Dublin

If you’re struggling with any aspect of your life and know that you need some support and guidance, please contact Ashleigh. Take the leap of faith – I promise you won’t regret it. Ashleigh gives you the support to find the answers and become the person you deserve to be

L.R., Wicklow

I cannot speak highly enough of Ashleigh. After a consultation, I leave Ashleigh always.... in a more positive state, with a renewed sense of myself and who I really am and where I am’s just wonderful! Ashleigh in my opinion is a woman of great integrity; passionate about her work, attentive to every detail without losing sight of the bigger picture and what she has to offer.... is priceless.

G. P. Wicklow

I’m amazed at how much I have learned in just a few sessions with you; how to stay focused and clear at work, yet relaxed and happy at home. I seem to be able to balance the needs of my family along with the demands of my work, while not forgetting myself in the process. Thank you so much.

C. M., Cork

How lucky I was all those months ago to bump into you in Wicklow town at your Natural Health session in the local health food shop. You have truly turned my life around; you have guided me in getting my life back on track, in helping me realise that I can be so much more productive without all the stress. The times we have spent together have been so valuable to me; I often take a few minutes to reflect on those difficult times when I met you first compared with where I am today. You have encouraged and guided me and at this moment I could not be in a betterplace. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a great lady and for helping me find my way.

S. M., Dublin

Ashleigh is so thorough, kind and caring. She investigates issues you would have never considered to be a problem; she has been able to shine a light on problems to help me heal and move on from all the emotional baggage I have been carrying for years. She is so approachable and easy to open up to due to her caring nature.
If you are having issues and you feel like you've reached the end of the road, please reach out and contact Ashleigh - I cannot recommend her enough!! Amy, Dublin - very happy client.

A.R., Dublin

Ashleigh provides a safe and reassuring place to discuss whatever is going on in your life. Her non-judgemental approach and patience give you the confidence to speak openly. Best of all, Ashleigh listens with an open mind, offers ideas and allows you the time and space to come to your own conclusions. Her support never falters, and she is so reassuring and confident that you walk away feeling that you can overcome any obstacle in your life. I have no hesitation in recommending Ashleigh to anyone who wants to find a better work life balance.

O.W., Wexford

You have been such a support to me over the last year – thank you so much. I love the work we do together and how it has really helped me in my daily life. I now make decisions much easier and don’t waste time overthinking or second guessing myself like before.

C. T., Dublin

I first met Ashleigh in a moment of crisis - she helped me through a period of severe anxiety when I returned to work outside the home after 16 years mothering full-time. Since then nearly every member of our family has been with Ashleigh and her support through exam years and other life stresses has been fantastic. Her wisdom and kindness are just as valuable as the treatments she prescribes. I couldn't recommend her more highly and consider her support vital in helping to maintain our family's mental health!

S.S., Wicklow

I was suffering from stress, anxiety and depression with lots of physical symptoms included. I heard about Ashleigh from a friend and decided to make an appointment to see her. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I don't say this lightly. Within a few sessions I was back to a time when I felt happy in myself. Ashleigh is an amazing woman and I would highly recommend that you attend her yourself. Thank you Ashleigh.

D. K., Wexford