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I offer a range of support packages that provide real life solutions for busy women who would love if life was a little easier. In addition to 1 to - 1 consultations (via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime or in person, whichever is easiest), I host workshops and seminars that encourage women to live lives that make their heart sing. 

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Half Day Intensive – Stop the Overwhelm

Suitable for those in crisis or near crisis mode or those who’s schedule needs urgent intervention before there’s a meltdown!

This three-hour session is for you if (regardless of how it looks on the outside), you’re almost always in a state of urgency – a feeling of being under pressure and overwhelmed on an ongoing basis. 

Every day is the same from the moment your feet hit the ground – you feel overstretched and in a rush. Your day is an endless stream of lots to do and urgent emergencies while never really making any headway or gaining traction. With no time to stand back, take stock and decide what’s best in a big picture, far reaching kind of way.

You find yourself torn between the workload of a busy job (which used to challenge and excite you) and the demands of family or friends, with neither getting the best of you as you try to give your all to both, leaving nothing for yourself. 

It may not be evident to anyone on the outside as you cover it well. But the reality is that you’re nearing meltdown – a mixture of almost crying in desperation, constantly berating yourself for not staying on top of it all and the pull of discontentment of knowing that time is passing and so too are the moments that matter – with family, friends and not least of all with yourself. 

Using a powerful process, you will:

  • Know how to stop the overwhelm to feel back in charge

  • Find your ideal rhythm for getting things done

  • Identify the jugular, the important and the urgent 

  • Recognise the patterns that pull you off track

  • Clarify your Big Picture intention

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Life Matters NOW – Get Back on Track

Suitable for those who are driven, successful and effective in their work world but struggle to find time for everything else!

You are successful, driven and effective at work world but wish you could find a better work life balance as your commitment to excellence means you take on more than you should. 


You have a strong and healthy body which is just as well as you neglect your physical and mental health and know it’s not a good long-term game plan.


Your family is important, but a busy life means there’s not much time for meaningful connection, never mind family dinners or one to ones with your teenage kids.


You KNOW you need to take a step back – to get clarity and a fresh perspective and to make decisions that matter in a big picture way, before it’s too late. 


Using a powerful process, you will:


  • Slow down, yet get more done 

  • Gain clarity and direction for a life that’s aligned with your values and goals

  • Make decisions easily and cleanly for the life YOU want

  • Have more time for the people, relationships and activities you value

  • Notice the moments rather than miss the months

  • Balance the pressure you put on yourself with the satisfaction of knowing that what’s important gets priority, on an ongoing basis.



Let me clarify that this is NOT a time management tool – it is much more powerful than that. This programme offers you 7 hours (six sessions) over a two-month period. The sessions are carried out on Skype, WhatsApp or Zoom depending on client preferences, during working hours, Monday to Friday. Clients will also have access to my Power Pause tool – a five-minute de-stress tool for climbing down out of your head and into your body, where better decisions are made.


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Health Matters Now

Let’s face it - we know what we need to do to stay on top of health – perhaps an annual health check, a regular exercise class, a few small changes in our diet and to consider our lifestyle and family medical history when assessing our health priorities. But days, weeks and even months pass, and we ignore those health niggles, until next week, next month, the end of this sales cycle, after the holidays or when we have more time…someday.

And so, the headache becomes migraine, the PMS becomes unbearable or the stress becomes severe anxiety or overwhelm. And only then do we take the time to remember our most precious asset, our health.

With over thirty years’ experience across the fields of nursing, pharmaceuticals, complementary health, personal development, mindfulness, NLP and coaching, I enjoy working with clients to look after their whole health.
Clients arrive with symptoms such as insomnia, irritable bowel, hormonal imbalance, brain fog, poor concentration, headaches, low mood, weight gain or fatigue. By working with you on a one to one basis, I examine your health, lifestyle and biggest health challenges. We explore practical options for optimal health considering your working hours and other commitments. I consider myself an accountability partner for looking after your mental and physical health. With my experience across both conventional and complementary medicine, I bridge the gap between science and nature by understanding the importance of the role of medicine in staying well in the long term.
My Health package includes three sessions – an initial 90 minutes, followed by two 75 minute sessions over a six to eight week period.
Get in touch to protect your most important asset – your health, before it’s too late.

“Take Care of your body; it’s the only place you have to live” Jim Rohn

Ongoing Support

You’ve completed one of my packages and have the skills to bring balance and authenticity to your daily Life. But you’re aware that old habits die hard and you want accountability and support to keep you on track. This package consists of three one-hour sessions, which can be used over a four-month period to ensure you follow through on your plans, intentions and dreams. Consider it like having a tough love accountability buddy who’s in your corner and who can interrupt old sabotaging behaviours when they appear. 

Sessions are sometimes used to fine tune behaviours around blurred boundaries, self-care, physical health issues, big picture and intention setting, family saboteurs and much more. 

Life Matters NOW - The Gift of Time

Gift vouchers available on request.