About Ashleigh

I am a Life Matters Coach who helps women live lives that matter – to them. 


I work with women who, along with being successful in business and in life, want time for the important things, so that they’re not missing moments that matter. These women get things done and make things happen but sometimes at the expense of their own time, their own health and even their own family as work demands more.


I provide a range of simple, pragmatic and effective programmes where dedicated time, space and clarity deliver results that are meaningful, real-life and aligned with client’s values, before it’s too late. 


With over thirty years’ experience across the fields of personal development, NLP, coaching, mentoring, nursing, pharmaceuticals, complementary health, cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness, I deliver meaningful, tailor-made solutions to those looking for a life that includes them, their values, their wishes and even their dreams. 


I help my clients find time for the relationships that matter, for the health that can’t be bought and for the memories of family and fun that can never be replaced. I reminds my clients that Balance is different to Juggling! 


Drawing on my experience in senior management in the Irish pharmaceutical industry, I deliver one to one Life Matters Coaching packages that engage with women where they are at - in a real and meaningful way rather than a theoretical one. I have also run corporate mental health awareness programmes within companies that value employee mental health.  


I live in Wicklow with my husband Eric and our dog called Max. My daughter moved out last year to begin college in Cork. 

I enjoy Toastmasters, yoga, walking, reading, learning and have recently joined my husband on the back of his motorbike – but that’s a whole other story!